Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Jade Really Is The New Black!

Greetings All!

Another quick post. Today we finally got a bit of sun, so I've been busy swatching some lovely holos while my camera will actually acknowledge that they are holographic! I hope to have those all ready for you tomorrow.

Today I'm finally getting round to doing a design that I've had written down in my 'nail ideas' book for forever. Before Christmas I was searching for black OPI nail polish, and Jade Is The New Black kept popping up. It's a nice green, so I ended up acquiring it! It's a lovely deep jade creme. I kept associating it with black, so I wanted to try a black and green gradient. Yes, another gradient. Lol I'm determined to keep doing them until I master them!

Unfortunately I'm running low on makeup sponges, and the one I used left loads of sponge stuck to my nails. Even 2 coats of SV didn't quite smooth them out! Apart from that, these look very close to what was in my head, which in my books means a success! I was worried there wouldn't be enough black, as I only really wanted green tips, and they came out pretty much how I wanted. If they had been smooth, I would have been really happy with them!  At least makeup sponges are DEFINITELY on the shopping list now lol

Oh, and I've had a look at Rafflecopter, and it doesn't seem too difficult. So continue to watch this space for more Giveaway news!

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