Wednesday, 22 January 2014

NEW UK Indies - Belle Glamour Thermal Polishes

Greetings All!

This evening I have swatches from a brand new indie polish maker. Belle Glamour launched just this month,  and I bought two thermal polishes, because who can resist thermal polish?! I certainly can't, even in January when my hands are cold all the time!

Dark Forresst is a dark olive green when dark, and a pale gold when warm. It has a lot of gold shimmer and it dries to a lovely suede finish. I used three coats here.

I kind of love this as it is, without even taking into account the thermal effect! The combination of the colour, the shimmer and the finish just look so good! The first coat was a little sheer, but it built up really nicely.

Now for some thermal transition pics!

Getting these photos can be really tricky (again, Winter. Cold), but I weirdly enjoy doing them!

I really like the colour change through green to gold. It's a lovely polish!

Finally, with topcoat.

(I prefer it matte)

Lagoon is a perfectly named blue thermal, with a pretty sparkle. It goes from medium blue to a very pale blue. Again, the first coat was quite sheer, but it built up well in 3 coats.

This polish also dries to a suede finish, but in this case I preferred it with topcoat, to bring out the sparkle.

I didn't manage to get much of a gradient effect this time, but I'm going to blame the cold again for that! Lagoon is quite sheer when warm, but it's gorgeous when cold, and if I'd managed to get the gradient I'm sure it would have been stunning. Next time!

You can buy Belle Glamour polish here. The thermals are currently available, but they are limited edition!

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  1. Ooo dark forresst is so cool... and your transition pics are awesome, I fail at photography thermals (and also blame cold hands Haha). I have a feeling I own lagoon but can't really remember... which is a little concerning really! Lol. X


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