Friday, 31 January 2014

UK Indies - Indy's Indies Chinese New Year Polishes

Greetings All!

Happy Chinese New Year! To celebrate I have some festive polishes from Indy's Indies to share with you. That's another thing I love about indie polishes - you can get the perfect polish to go with any occasion or event, all year round.

First up is Red Envelope. This is just one coat! Over Barry M Black Red.

A super sparkly, blingy red and gold combination, with plenty of holo. I was also very impressed with the glitter coverage - one easy coat and done! Definitely a party polish.

Next up is Gong Xi Fa Cai, 2 coats over white.

I like how simple this one is - plain red and gold, it's a little bit like the 'unblinged' version of Red Envelope. Very pretty.

Finally, my favourite, Dragon Dance, 2 coats over black.

This glitter is fabulous - the colours all sit so well together, and I really love the balance of size and shape. I was a little worried that the combination of red, green and gold would look a little Christmassy, but it doesn't at all! It just looks gorgeous.

All three of these polishes are still available, along with many others, here

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  1. Ooh I do love these. I can never decide if I like Red Envelope or Dragon Dance more, they're just so lovely!


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