Saturday, 1 February 2014

NEW UK Indies - R & R Lacquers The New Black Collection Swatches

*These products were provided for review*

Greetings All!

This week has been a bit of a sad one, UK indie polish wise. Several makers (including two of my favourites!) have shut up shop, and while I wish them all the best with everything they do, and I'm very grateful for all the beautiful bottles they have made, there's still that little part of me mourning the loss of future beautiful polishes. I'm selfish, and I don't own enough polish, ok?!

Of course, new makers are popping up all the time too (thank goodness, right?). R & R Lacquers is run by Becca (of Kitty's Painted Claws), and Rachael (of Racho's Nail Love, although she'll always be Rachael the Lemming Slayer to me!), and they officially launched yesterday (yes, I'm slightly behind. Still.)

Their first collection, The New Black, are polishes designed to be worn over black/dark colours. I was fortunate enough to receive three to show you, and I must say, they're gorgeous! Being a fan of black polish and glitter, I might be a little bit biased of course, but I do think they're also quite versatile.

First up is my favourite (just!), Bewitching. This has black glitter, and a ton of iridescence in different colours. I only needed one coat over OPI Got The Blues For Red.

I love the combination of iridescence here - blue, purple, green, gold, it's all there! Plus perfect coverage in one coat - the lazy in me loves that! I can't get enough of black glitter, and I have it with nearly every colour combination, but this is unique in my collection.

Next up is Delight, and the only one I actually layered over black! Again, this is just one coat.

I was actually a little surprised at just how good this looked over black. With the pink and pale yellow I thought it would suit something a little lighter better, but it's gorgeous! The coverage is fantastic, it has an unexpected depth to it, and the combination of satin, mosaic-like shapes with flashes of iridescence is lovely.

Lastly is Resplendent, which I predict will be pretty popular because circles. We are a weird bunch - the difference between a hex and a circle is quite small, glitter-wise, but we (and I include myself!) will go nuts over them! This one is packed with silver and turquoise holo circles. I used 2 coats here, over OPI Funky Dunkey (I should have used black, really. I got caught up in this whole turquoise and purple thing, and it kind of got away from me a little bit).

Lots of circles, and lots of sparkle. We are easily pleased! What's not to like about large holographic circles?!

I had no issues with any of these polishes. They applied very well, most with just one coat, and Resplendent was the only one that needed heavy duty topcoating. I think glitters made for dark bases are a fabulous idea, and I've already got my eye on a couple more!

You can buy R&R Lacquers here.


  1. I agree, what is not to love about circle glitters. These three are all lovely, what a great addition to the UK Indie Scene

  2. These look super on you Cazzy!

    You may be behind, but you're not so far behind as me with posting about these, lol. I am wearing one now, which is a start! And I love it.


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