Monday, 3 February 2014

Work Appropriate Manicure Monday!

Greetings All!

This is the first post of hopefully many! Last year I briefly attempted to do a series of work appropriate nail art, but it never really went anywhere and I wasn't wearing much polish at work.

I'm not really supposed to wear polish at work, as I work in a bakery and I do handle food, but a) I'm very rarely handling it with my nails, because I'm a person and not a bird of prey, and b) I make an effort to use my best quality polishes, and I always use a good base and top coat, so my polish never chips. I'll rock a cheeky work manicure maybe once or twice a week, but I'll only wear nude or neutral shades.

So this is hopefully going to be a regular(ish) series of work appropriate nail art, which basically means subtle nail art on nude! I've decided I'll be referring to it as WAMM. Here's this weeks example (if you read my post yesterday, you will have seen a sneak peek!):

The base is OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons, which is definitely my favourite opaque nude at the moment. It's a great shade, and it gives good coverage too - I find it just slightly too streaky for one coat, but two coats are perfect! I stamped with PUEEN22 and Konad Light Bronze, which is a gorgeous polish, but very glittery and therefore a complete PITA to clean up!

Someone noticed this at work, and I believe they referred to it as 'like wallpaper for nails'. They had a hard time believing I'd done it myself *sigh*. I guess I should take that as flattering, but it's not. It's annoying! How dare they doubt my artistic prowess!

What sort of polish do you wear for work?


  1. I love these, they look so classy! I often need nails like this for work - I usually start off well with a basecoat of a nude shade.... but then can't resist using my pens over the top, or glitter or studs! But hopefully your series of WAMM will inspire me! Xx


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