Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Galaxy Nails!

Greetings All!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've done some galaxy nails. I make it...June last year! That's a long time!

I love galaxy nails, because they are nearly impossible to get wrong. Nearly every time I do them, I think they look awful right up until the point they are finished. I've even been tempted to start again a couple of times, but I know now to persevere, because they always turn out fine in the end! They're also very versatile - you can use any colours you want, and as few or as many as you want.

In an unusual turn, my left hand came out better than my right hand!

Quite a few polishes used here...W7 Black, Beauty UK White, Barry M Gellys in Mango, Grapefruit and Plum, OPI Austin-tacious Turquoise (which gives a brilliant, ethereal shimmer to galaxy nails), and my favourite Butter London Frilly Knickers for some extra sparkle! Note to self - do not leave it 8 months before the next one!!


  1. Love the vibrant colours here, and I especially like how your thumbs have turned out - like a swirl <3 xx

  2. Holy cow patties I'm in love with the holo on these! Wonderful execution ~

  3. These are amazing! I love the colours you used :) x

  4. wow. it's perfect. it's definitely my fav galaxy nail!!


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