Sunday, 2 February 2014

Nail Art Supply Haul

Greetings All!

Slightly different kind of post today. A couple of weeks ago I had a late night eBay session, trawling through pages and pages (and pages...) of 99p nail art supplies. I was definitely on a mission! After wearing studs in this manicure, I kind of wanted to have all the studs. Now I almost do, and I also found all kinds of fun bits and pieces.

I thought I'd share some of the more exciting items I bought, and hopefully you will see at least some of them on my nails soon!

Firstly, these awesome Halloween nail stickers from this UK seller. They have tons of stickers and decals, and a bit of searching found me some bats and skulls!

Neon studs. I wanted squares and circles, so in the end I got both!

Some super cute, metal slice thingies. I just couldn't resist, especially those roses!

Some fun 3D embellishments I found. They're all slightly curved on the back, and they're very small, so I'm hoping I'll love these!

Some super fine chain, for chain nails.

Feathers! I've been wanting to try feather nails for ages. I also have beige ones on the way. Bonus - sneaky peek of my current manicure.

Dark red rhinestones. Should be fun with black.

These were advertised as red studs, but they're a rosy pink. However, I've already used some of these in a manicure I'm feeling pretty smug about!

Everything else is pretty standard - I'm collecting all the shapes of gold and silver studs, and I got a new set of brushes and some Korean polish (that'll be a separate haul post!). It took quite a lot of patience to go through what felt like millions of items, but as I said, I was on a mission! And I think I did pretty well.

(If you want to know any of the sellers, I can probably scrounge up that information. I'm just to lazy to list them all on a Sunday!)


  1. Love this post, some great buys there. made me want to look for some of the bits you got lol even though I shouldn't xx

  2. those roses are so you! if i ever see a roses post i think of you and your manis! x

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with those red studs! They look so pretty!!

  4. Nice odds and ends! I just got a bunch of little accessories like this too. I'm be curious where you got the neon studs; those look fun!


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