Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pretty Poundland Polishes

Greetings All!

Today I have some polishes that are, I suppose, doubly pretty. Firstly they are from a brand called Pretty. Secondly, they're pretty! I see this brand a lot in Pound shops, but I haven't been able to find much about them online (because if you search for 'pretty nail polish' you get...polishes that are pretty!).

I've had these for a couple of months - I did the classic 'grab it because it's only a Pound', but I kind of assumed they might be a bit rubbish. They aren't. I finally got round to swatching them over Christmas, and I'm very impressed with them!

Firstly my favourite, a turquoisey shade from their Leather effect range (they don't seem to have names).

First thing to get out of the way - I would not describe this as a leather polish. It is however a beautiful suede effect polish. I love the shade, and although you can see the silver glitter up this close, at normal distance it's gorgeous. It reminds me of  suede version of OPI Austin-tacious Turquoise, if such a thing existed! I also tried it with topcoat.

Super sparkly!

Next up is one a little similar, a sky blue/turquoise from their Concrete Effect range. Spoiler alert - this is not a textured polish, as you (or I) may expect.

Again it's a suede polish, but this time a delicate blue with larger glitter. It reminds me a bit of warm, tropical water. Not exactly 'concrete', but still very lovely!

Lovelier with topcoat.

It's made the blue go all...jelly and delicious! 2 coats for both these suedes.

Lastly, a final unnamed polish, from their Scatter Effect range. Glitters in a pale base. It's like...they knew what I wanted!

The base is quite sheer - I used 3 coats here over Essie Waltz. It has a really nice distribution of glitter, which is something you don't always find with cheaper polishes. It isn't unique (I have at least 2 very similar!), but that doesn't stop it being a nice polish!

I was also fairly impressed with application, dry time etc. Being 'cheap' polishes, I was prepared for them to apply horribly, and take forever to dry, but they were quite...normal!

I've seen these polishes in both Poundland and Poundworld, and they have a wide range of styles. I've also tried the Polka Dot Effect (hex glitter in a clear base), Glow In The Dark (nothing that special, but I have been spoiled for glow in the dark polishes!), and I also have a flocking set, and some matte polishes that I haven't tried yet. I would definitely say that they are worth £1!


  1. The first two are amazing, I love teals and turquoises so I am biased! Must have a look out for these

  2. Love these. I have quite a few Pretty polishes now. If you go on Poundland website and under health and beauty click pretty nails you can see the full range xx

    1. Argh thank you! Just what I was searching for lol.

  3. I have been eying these up but the whole not sure of the quality, at least now I know that they are worth picking up! Thanks for sharing!

  4. i can't post a pic but i got a lovely raspberry pink/red 'pretty varnish' ... It came with a clear topcoat for my precious quid and to be quite honest it looks as good and lasts even longer than some polishes i have paid well over a tenner for! i have had bargains in good old poundland before though, stila foundation refill was prob one of the best and i shall be keeping an eye on any new goodies! ;) x


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