Monday, 13 January 2014

UK Indies - NailsInspire Fairy Lights (Thermal Polish)

Greetings All!

This evening I finally have swatches of a really beautiful polish, honestly one of my favourite polishes bought last year. The thermal effect is fantastic, and it's loaded with glitter too. It has been very difficult to photograph though. Which is why it's taken me a couple of months to put a post together!

This is 3 coats of NailsInspire Fairy Lights.

It's bright pink when cold, and a pale pinky white when warm. Now here are my awesome transition pics!

It's the wonderful mix of glitter that makes this one extra special, and the fact that the colour change is so very striking. There are four polishes in this collection, and for once I'm showing you something that is currently available! You can buy NailsInspire polishes here, although stocks are limited!


  1. Wow! These pics are worth the wait! Gorgeous.

  2. Oh I love this one, the fact that it's a thermal makes it even better!


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