Friday, 19 December 2014

A2Z Series - H Is For Holographic

Greetings All!

Sneaking in only slightly late this week. Technically these should have been posted yesterday but I'm only a day out!

This week the prompt is Holographic. I love holo polish but I often have problems getting good pictures. Unless the sun is shining.

Unbelievably, the sun was shining! I had to do holographic nails for a challenge, and the sun came out so that I could get photos. In December. Incredibly lucky!

So here are my Holographic nails.

Lots of picture because sunshine!! A holographic gradient using Color Club Kismet, Eternal Beauty and Beyond. Full credit for the inspiration goes to the lovely Nail Lacquer UK.

And a quick indoor shot to show the gradient (and sickening lack of holo!).

You can catch up with all the manicures from the series here.

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  1. Beautiful! Holos can be super frustrating for me to photograph w/o proper lighting. The sun is ideal!


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