Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Suede Christmas Trees

Greetings All!

This is the third and final festive manicure I've done this year. I do have some Christmassy polish that I'm hoping to wear over the next couple of days, so you may see some of them. Then everything can get back to normal!

My base is Revlon Emerald City, I believe the first suede/matte polish I ever owned. It's so beautiful I can't even describe - the colour and formula are just perfect. Of course I had to leave this manicure without topcoat to retain the gorgeousness!

I stamped with Mentality Dapper and the Happy Holiday Cheeky jumbo plate. I feel like I've given these stamps fair usage this year, especially as fitting them on my nails is a little difficult. For these Christmas manicures I chose images I could tilt a little so I could fit them on at an angle!

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