Saturday, 8 November 2014

UK Indies - Flash Nails Tropical Storm

*This product was provided for review*

Greetings All!

Today I've got a lovely little polish from Flash Nails. This indie brand reopened last month, and has a really cute and tempting mix of glitter crellies and glitter toppers.

Tropical Storm is perfect for the grey weather we've been having here lately. It has a soft grey base to match all the clouds, with a sprinkling of glitter to cheer it all up!

This is two coats over Butter London Billy No Mates.

The crelly base is a little sheer - you could maybe get full coverage with three coats. However my nails are pretty stained at the moment, and I didn't want to alter this pretty grey - how shameful would that have been?! I also enjoyed a chance to use BNM - I've had a huge crush on Butter London this year, and this was one of the polishes that started it off. 

The formula on Tropical Storm is very good, it went on the nail very easily and the glitter dispersal was effort-free. I really like the colour combination, it reminds me a little of flowers and I love how they pop in this warm soft grey. If only we could get a little glitter in the clouds!

You can buy Flash Nails polish here, and keep up to date on Facebook

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  1. What a beautiful shade! I really like how the grey goes with the purple, blue and red glitters. I'm really liking the look of Flash Nail's polishes. They're just gorgeous :)


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