Wednesday, 5 November 2014

UK Indies - TarasTalons Bonfire And Fireworks

Greetings All!

Tonight is Bonfire Night here in the UK, and I happen to have two perfectly themed polishes to coincide.

This is two coats of Bonfire.

Yellow can be a difficult polish, but this bright crelly is perfect in two coats. The effect with the glitter is lovely and fiery!

Next is Fireworks, two coats over black.

I'll admit that with a name like Fireworks, you might expect something more colourful. However this gold glitter in a black base has a lot of depth and sparkle, and I'll probably be wearing this some time over the Christmas season (which I can't believe I'm mentioning already). It's definitely my kind of polish.

You can buy TarasTalons polish here, and remember you can use the code SpecialGirlNails for a 15% discount!

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  1. These polishes are just gorgeous! And your swatches are amazing. I especially like Bonfire; I think the glitter goes so well with the yellow :)

    Sally of TenderLovingCanines


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