Saturday, 31 January 2015

A2Z Series - L Is For Lines

Greetings All!

This weeks prompt is Lines and so of course I had to use striping tape. I never seem to use it frequently enough to perfect my technique. That alone makes me want to use it more, but it's such a fiddly, faffy, time consuming technique that I do get put off a little bit. Combine that with how they never come out perfectly and that explains why I use it so infrequently! I am going to put it on the To Do list though - I do like my Beetlejuice nails.

Anyway here are my Line nails.

I used OPI Alpine Snow, W7 Black and some striping tape to create a simple reciprocal gradient. I can't help but feel it would have looked so much better if I were just a bit handier with striping tape. As they are...I can live with them.

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  1. they look great, I am put off by the faff of striping tape, it takes hours for me to get them lying flat and parallel! You've done it brilliantly xx

  2. I love them! They remind me of Jack Skellington!


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