Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Red And Gold Houndstooth

Greetings All!

I'm doing my best to get back into posting regularly. Let's see how it goes!

Today I have some simple stamping. I'm currently trying to use/use up my Miss Sporty polishes, as the majority of them are from four or five years ago and they often get overlooked for...well, better polishes. Sorry Miss Sporty, don't get me wrong you're great, but you aren't OPI and that's just how it is.

It looks like I've always had decent taste in colours though. At least, this red is rather nice.

So this is Miss Sporty 160, possibly called Deep Wine. I did a little bit of research then gave up! It has just a hint of golden shimmer which is quite nice. I stamped with Barry M Gold Foil and MoYou Pro 07. Oh, and matte topcoat. Can't forget the matte topcoat.

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