Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Girly Bits Refresh! Refresh! Refresh!

Greetings All!

This year I am making the effort to buy less polish and use more of the polishes I already own. Having said that I did absolutely need some of the new Girly Bits flakies. Because flakies. That is all the justification I needed. And I stand by that!

This is 2 coats of Refresh! Refresh! Refresh! over Color Club Artsy Crafty with matte topcoat. I always wear flakies with a matte finish because it lets you see more of the magic at once. It also makes taking pictures easier!

I might just wear flakies forever.


  1. I was eying this one up and then decided to leave it. Now I'm gutted as I really want it having seen your pictures.


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