Thursday, 1 January 2015

SpecialGirl Nails Is Two Today!

Greetings All!

Happy New Year to you all, and Happy Birthday to my little blog, which has been going for two years! Over 600 posts, and nearly 100,000 page views. Thank you to everyone who has popped over to have a look at my nails.

It's strange - it doesn't feel like two whole years since I started blogging, but at the same time I feel like I've been doing it forever!

Here's to a great 2015 filled with gorgeous nails!

I do have some nails to post. I felt like I needed to! To celebrate, I've used a few of my favourite things in this manicure. BUT it's not red and black!

My base is Butter London Slapper. I went absolutely mental for Butter London in 2014. It all started with Billy No Mates, a warm soft pale grey. I just loved the colour, and it did apply like, well, butter! So I spent a good chunk of last year trawling the net for cheap BLs. I don't like them enough to pay £12 a bottle! My collection has exploded, and satisfyingly they do get quite a bit of use. This year I'm going to try and buy a lot less polish (I would actually like to end 2015 with less polish that I own now but that seems like a ridiculous goal...) so I'm sure I'll be getting plenty of use out of these this year!

I stamped with Sally Hansen Shiny Penny, which isn't a perfect stamping polish, but stamps well enough to get away with (I'm definitely going to use it for a WAMM soon). The rose stamp is from PUEEN SE03A. I got this set a little while ago and of course I had to use the roses first! I like that is has an outline and an inline of the same image - it means you can do roses in any colour combination!

Butter London, Sally Hansen, and roses. Three of my favourite nail things!


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