Saturday, 24 January 2015

UK Indies - Freckles Polish New Collections Swatches (Plus Matte Topcoat!)

*These products were provided for review*

Greetings All!

Today I'm very excited to bring you swatches from the two latest collections from Freckles Polish. The Coven Collection is a collection of holographic polishes based on the third season of American Horror Story. The Love Me, Love Me Not Collection is a limited edition Valentines collection. I'm also very excited to show you the brand new Freckles matte topcoat. I do love a matte finish, that is no secret, and I'm always happy to find a new one!

I'll start with the holos. I haven't actually watched American Horror Story. I may start. People tell me I would like it, but then I recently watched Breaking Bad and I didn't like that *ducks* so I don't know! Anyway I'm going to take a leap and assume that The Coven Collection has witchy connotations

First up is Descendants Of Salem. As with all the Freckles holos this is two easy coats with topcoat.

This is a lovely moody Winter colour, matching really well with these cold grey days! I did try to get some pictures in sunlight, but Winter was having none of it! Still this has a lovely amount of holo while still being a nice deep dark colour.

Next up is Burnt At The Stake, again two coats.

The holo isn't quite as strong with this one, but the red-orange family are notorious holo killers. This is still very pretty with a scattered holo effect, and I really love the colour. It's just hovering in between orange and brown and it's just a really nice shade. I'm not a huge orange fan outside halloween but this one is very wearable.

Next up is The Valentines Collection. It feels like we've only just had Christmas, and now Valentines. Soon we'll have the Easter polishes! Time. It just keeps going. I just know that in no time at all at will be Summer and I'll be referring back to this time like it was last week.

First up is Love At First Sight. This is two coats with topcoat.

Love at first sight indeed! Perfect cherry red squishy jelly loaded with holographic glitters. Lovely application and just my kind of polish. I always kind of want to eat jellies like these though. I know they wouldn't taste good, but they look like they would...

Next is Fractured Heart. This is just one coat over grey.

I was very impressed with the coverage of this polish. This is one coat, no touchups or evening out. The hearts also came out easily without any fishing. And of course I love the combination of black and red, with grey holo. I believe they call it gunmetal. Neither of these Valentines polishes are overly 'seasonal' and they can be worn all year round, which I also like.

Finally, You Make Me So Matte, the new matte topcoat. As a big matte fan I can be a little fussy over my finishes so I was a little worried trying this one in case it didn't come up to my standards haha. I've worn it over Freckles Polish Anne Teak because a) it's the same brand haha, b) it looks great matte and c) it's one of my favourites so any excuse to wear it really!

I am impressed. It has a very matte finish, still just a hint of sheen but it looks good and definitely matte. It dries quickly, but not too quickly. One of the problems with a matte finish is that sometimes you have to polish with lightning speed to get it on before it dries. This gives you a chance to get a nice even coat on. It gets a big matte thumbs up from me!

These collections are both being released on the 30th of January, along with the matte topcoat. You can buy Freckles Polish here.

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