Wednesday, 16 July 2014

British Nail Bloggers - Colour Me Crazy! Week 2 - Orange

Greetings All!

After last week's lack of inspiration, I feel like I'm being a little cheeky with this week's offering. I have an orange manicure sitting in the vault that I'm posting. I feel like I should have done a fresh new manicure, but that seems a little silly when this one is sitting here already. I'll probably do the same for next week (yellow), as again I have one just sitting there. I am however pledging to make an effort for green!

Lately I've been trying to use more of my MoYou stamps, instead of the two or three I love from each plate. I pick a design, then try to imagine what colours would look nice! Hopefully eventually I'll use all of them at least once.

For this...slightly 70's looking design, my base is Barry M Gelly in Satsuma. I stamped with Barry M Gelly in Plum and MoYou Pro XL 03. It's quite obvious with designs like these that I still can't manage to get my placement 100% perfect. I am improving though!

Now go check out some people who have actually put the effort in!


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