Wednesday, 9 July 2014

UK Indies - Indy's Indies Elements Polishes

Greetings All!

A little while ago I entered a giveaway over at A Shi...pload Of Polish. There were a lot of UK indie polish prizes, so how could I resist?! Imagine my excitement when I won not only a prize, but the one I wanted most! These four super cute polishes from Indy's Indies (aka A Shi...pload Of Polish!).

I'm going to jump straight onto Fire, because not only is it my favourite of the four, it's instantly become one of my favourite glitter toppers. I've used about 1 1/2 coats here - one coat plus a couple of touchups. Definitely less than two coats, over black.

I'm in love! A perfect fiery blend of red, orange and yellow shards. That's the only word I have for this - perfect. The only way it could be improved is by maybe changing the base colour. I recently got Zoya Storm, and now I really want to try them out together!

I was ready to find the other three relatively less interesting, just because I got so excited over Fire. But they're also gorgeous!

Water, two coats over Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Nightwatch.

This really does look like water! It's also full of circles, and that's always a good thing. Oh, and it has shards too! The smaller glitters are also lovely and colorful (just so they don't feel left out).

Earth was a pleasant surprise, because it did look a little plain in the bottle. Not on the nail though! This is two coat over OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow.

Look at all that shardy, glorious depth! My camera (and I) did a pretty rubbish job of capturing this one, but it's really beautiful, and far more complicated than I first thought.

Finally, Air. Two coats over Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Greige Gardens.

All sorts of iridescent sparkle going on here! My base colour choice is a bit odd I know, but when I think of air, I think of clouds. I realise that's silly, but I can't help it! And GG looks like clouds to me.

So, I love this collection of polishes! Perfectly named, and really creative combinations. And such a great thing to win!

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