Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Red Crocodile

Greetings All!

This is another classic 'try and use more of your stamping plates' manicure. I've gotten quite good at swatching new polishes in a timely fashion, but I have stamping plates from nearly two years ago that I haven't used yet! Of course not every image is going to appeal to me, but I've been making an effort to use new ones, instead of the same images.

Part of me would really like to knuckle down and use all my stamping plates, in order. I would then have a massive database to refer to! That would be lovely. However, it would take forever to do. I think it would take me about a year, if I could manage multiple manicures every day. Surely you all know by now that I do not have the organisational skills or the attention span for that! It would be nice though.

Back to today's nails. I usually find animal print stamps to be very wearable, so this one got used fairly promptly. Definitely weeks rather than years!

The image is from MoYou Pro XL05, stamped with Konad Black over OPI Just A Little Rosti at This. I decided to use JALRAT because I didn't have a good, dark green stamping polish. One of the great things about animal prints is you can have them in any colour! I guess that kind of works for everything though...


  1. These are lovely. I much prefer animal print in non-traditional colours. I'd love to see a pic of your plate collection, even if you don't get round to using them all on full manis

  2. Love this stamp, that is brilliant! And the colour combo works well, I mean, who doesn't love red and black??

  3. You must have quite a stash of plates :) These are nice and you are right about being able to switch up the colours with animal print.


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