Wednesday, 23 July 2014

UK Indies - Freckles Polish A Typical British Summer Swatches

*These products were provided at a discount in exchange for review*

Greetings All!

Freckles Polish has been very busy this Summer! In addition to the second part of the Happy Hour Holos collection and the Holiday Destination collection, the latest Summery set, A Typical British Summer, will be released on August 1st.

Today I have swatches of two of the polishes in this collection. Over the last few months I've been really impressed with the quality of Freckles Polish, from the stunning holos to the charming glitter combinations, so I was excited to see this latest collection!

First up is Sand In My Sandwich, a glitter topper, and a terrible experience I'm sure most of us has had! I hate getting sand in food. Fortunately this polish isn't the equivalent of sand in my food!

This is one coat over Models Own Hypergel in Cornflower Gleam.

My first thought when picking a base colour was pink, but I'm glad I chose this blue because it shows off all the colours in the glitter nicely. Lots of different yellow glitters, with a sprinkle of peach and red. It actually reminds me of ice cream, like a rich (yellow) ice cream sundae with sauce and fruit...whether ice cream or sand, it definitely very Summery! Also, one coat. Gotta love a one coat glitter!

Next up is Pitch A Tent. This is two coats solo.

This first coat was a little sheer, and I didn't have a base colour that quite matches this. Fortunately the second coat covered perfectly, leaving nothing but the faintest whisper of vnl behind this lovely jelly. What looks like a sprinkle of icing sugar is actually holo sparkle that my camera refused to acknowledge! But it's super pretty. As with just about all the Freckles I've seen, this has a lovely glitter combination. I especially like the purple and yellow together, and the little white rectangles.

This collection is released on August 1st. You can buy Freckles Polish on Etsy, and keep up to date with news and releases on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


  1. I love the colour of pitch a tent. It looks refreshing

  2. Oooh I love both of these! This collection looks ace from what I've seen so far <3


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