Saturday, 26 July 2014

Lynnderella Chocolotta Love

Greetings All!

Good old eBay has been very quiet lately. In the last few months I've bagged all kinds of bargains, mostly polish. It started when I fell in love with Butter London but couldn't bear to pay full price for them!

This month I was fortunate enough to be the only bidder on a few Lynnderellas. I won't go into the drama surrounding this brand, but it does have a pretty cult status, and I did feel like my polish collection went up a level when I added some Lynns!

Of the couple I've tried, this is definitely my favourite so far. Chocolotta Love, 3 coats over OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys.

Isn't it a beauty? I love all the colourful flashes, and how the brown is really rich, but still sparkly! Such a pretty polish, and a very welcome addition to my collection!

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