Saturday, 5 July 2014


Greetings All!

So, I don't want to upset anyone, because I know they're popular, but I'm not a fan of dolphins. I think they're pretty weird-looking, and I've never really got the appeal of them. They definitely aren't something I would choose to wear on my nails.

So then why do I have dolphins on my nails? It's an excellent question. About a month ago I was stamping with the Barry M Summer Matte polishes (here), and I thought the dolphin stamp from CH38 would look cute in Malibu, over pink. Not for me, but just as a general manicure concept, or for someone who does like dolphins.

Annoyingly, every time I tried to think of ideas for my nails, this dolphin idea would pop up! So I kind of had to do it, as it seemed like the only way to get it out of my head.

I've used my very favourite pink, OPI If You Moust, You Moust as a base, stamped with CH38 and Barry M Matte in Malibu.

It's just occurred to me that it would have seemed less weird if I just pretended I like dolphins!


  1. Thanks for the giggles! Definitely not a manicure I would expect to see here, on your not usually, super girly awesome nail art blog. So, it was a surprise and a wonderful read that I also read aloud to hubby and the kiddo. Beautiful job, well written and Thank You!

  2. Ha,ha! Thanks for this very revealing post. I have a friend whose very favorite is dophins, so it definitely got my attention. They look really good over the pink, for sure.


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