Friday, 26 September 2014

Barry M Silk - Forest And Orchid

Greetings All!

Today I have swatches of two beautiful Barry Ms. I originally went looking for the new Glitterati polishes, but these looked SO much prettier. I ended up with a couple of both!

I passed on the previous Silk collection. I didn't like the combination of the finish and the pastel colours. However, these are much darker, and the effect is just gorgeous.

This is Forest, two coats. These polishes dry to a matte finish, so no topcoat!

I can never resist a matte finish, but this is an especially gorgeous shade of dark green, and the shimmer in it just glows. It does also have a slight duochrome to it, turning blue and indigo at extreme angles. The finish is so soft and perfect, I just love it!

Although I personally wouldn't waste the finish of this polish, I was curious what it would look like with topcoat, and I know some others are the same!

Nowhere near as special, in my opinion. But, it is very glowy.

This is Orchid, again two coats. Matte polishes tend to dry faster, and these did dry faster than regular polish, but not to the point where you have to hurry to get a coat on before it drags.

Another rich, deep colour, an orchid shade as the name suggests. The combination of shimmer and matte give it such a velvety finish, I kept wanting to stroke my nails!

Another topcoated picture, just for fun.

This one does have a really nice glow to it, but I still prefer the matte finish.

I'm not sure when these were released, I haven't seen anything about them, but they're perfect for Autumn and Winter. I got mine in Superdrug, £3.99 each.


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