Monday, 8 September 2014

WAMM Leopard

Greetings All!

This manicure actually marks a bit of a special occasion. One of my polishes has been plucked from it's home to become one of my stamping polishes, a decision I do not take lightly!

Here's how it works in my little nail world. I have a box with my stamping polishes in (i.e. Konad), and also my 'polishes that stamp'. These are regular polishes that I use nearly exclusively for stamping, for example Barry M Gold and Silver Foils. Polishes that stamp that I also use as regular polish live in their particular drawer in my Helmers, sorted by colour. So for a polish to be in the box, it's 'stampability' must outweigh it's...normal polishing abilities. A good example is Barry M Gelly in Plum. It stamps so well, I rarely use it as regular polish any more.

That crazy rambling aside, Barry M Matte in Mocha is my new polish that stamps. I've been using it a lot for work appropriate stamping recently, and it has met my needs so, so well! Visible, yet subtle, a great shade over nudes, and it also stamps very well.

Good old Barry M! I think apart from Sally Hansen Insta Dri, they are one of the best brands of polish to stamp with (apart from stamping polishes). Most of the Gelly range will stamp at a push, ditto most of the matte polishes, and of course their fantastic foils.

This is Barry M Matte in Mocha, MoYou Punk XL 06, over No7 So Simple (still one of my favourite nudes, two years later).

Is everyone else as...enthusiastic about their stamping polishes? Also, would a list of my polishes that stamp be a useful thing for people?

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