Monday, 1 September 2014

Colour Me Crazy Challenge - Black And White

Greetings All!

Yet another week escaped me. I've been meaning to post these since last Wednesday, but I have a major case of the can't-be-bothereds.

It was difficult not to stamp for this prompt. Konad Black and White are regular visitors to my nails, and it would have been so simple. However, I'm making the effort to ...make an effort!

I'm slowly coming to the realisation that I don't really like an accent nail - I prefer them all to match!

For this manicure I opened a new bottle of OPI Alpine Snow, as I finished the last one a good couple of bottles ago! The black on my ring finger is W7 Black, but I used Barry M Black for the dots, as my W7 is getting a little thick. I don't mind painting it on, but it's pretty useless for nail art.


  1. I like the gradient dot effect, I need to try this out soon!

  2. Great mani - must try this technique out too!


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