Tuesday, 23 September 2014

WAMM - El Corazon 233

Greetings All!

Today for Work Appropriate Manicure Monday (on a Tuesday, I  know, but never mind). I have an absolutely beautiful polish from El Corazon. This is yet another new-to-me brand - sometimes I think I'm fairly polish savvy, but there must be hundreds of brands out there that I don't even know exist. That actually makes me feel kind of sad...like they're sitting, waiting to be discovered. The anthropomorphism of nail polish - that's totally normal, right?

Anyway, thanks to a very lovely lady in one of my polish groups I am now aware of El Corazon! This is shade 233, a beautiful nude polish with silver shimmer and teeny bronze glitter. This is three coats.

I love this polish! It's absolutely gorgeous, and somehow the glitter makes it more subtle. Something about the slightly mottled look instead of a plain, blank colour. It also really reminds me of a lovely sandy beach, so I decided to add a bit of beachy nail art. This isn't really appropriate for work for me, but I couldn't resist.

Sally Hansen Ivory Skull, Color Club Williamsburg, and a sponge for the waves. The blue is a little too dark, I know that, but I wanted something with a bit of sparkle.

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