Tuesday, 16 September 2014

UK Indies - Freckles Polish Autumn And HALLOWEEN Polishes!!

*These products were provided for review*

Greetings All!

I'm excited. I've been swatching my first Halloween polishes of the season! Last year I got an amazing haul of Halloween polishes, and I'm getting twitchy already over the thought of expanding my collection. If you hadn't noticed, I love Halloween!

To kick off the season I have two Halloween themed polishes from Freckles Polish. The collection is called I'm Spooked, and will be released on the 26th of September. I also have two lovely holos from the Autumn Dreams Collection, but I have to do these two first because, as I said, I'm excited!

That excitement had led to a pretty picture heavy post. You have been warned!

First up is You're A Fruit Bat, which is in a black base. I love it already! This is two coats, without undies (rare for me with a black base).

Holo dust, and holo hexes, squares and circles. Just my kind of polish! I was also very impressed that I didn't need a black base for this - you could easily get away with one thick coat. Black, holo, and bat in the name - I couldn't really ask for more!

Next is Trick Me, a glitter topper. This is one coat plus a few dabs over OPI Funky Dunkey.

I'm still in love with black and white glitter, and I want all the variations! This has a scattering of gold, and some orange, for that Halloween theme. Of course it had to go over purple or green, and purple won! Great coverage too - near perfect in one coat, with just a few dabs needed to even everything out. A quick and simple spooky manicure.

I also tried it with matte topcoat.

Now onto the holos. The Autumn Dreams collection will also be released on the 26th of September, and it's all holo!

First up is A Chill In The Air, a lovely cornflower/denim blue. This is two coats, firstly in direct sunlight (I couldn't believe the sun was actually shining while I was wearing a holo!).

Artificial light.

And finally my normal light setup, just to show the colour a bit better.

I don't actually own many blue holos, and I love how cold and Wintry this looks - it's perfectly named! I already associate Freckles Polish with gorgeous holos, and this is no exception.

Finally, Stargazing. Of course the sun had disappeared by the time I got this on! Again, two coats.

The holo in this one is slightly more subtle, but it's a beautifully sparkly silver, with a gentle rainbow dancing across it. I will admit it isn't necessarily the kind of polish I would choose, but I do really like it on, and had the sun still been around I could have got some more sparkly looking pictures!

I'm excited for the release of both of these collections, as I'll definitely be needing more of them! Again, the release date is the 26th of September (next Friday), you can buy Freckles Polish on Etsy, and keep up to date with new releases and swatches on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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  1. Wow well impressed with You're A Fruit Bat- it's gorgeous!


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