Monday, 29 September 2014

UK Indies - R&R Lacquers Don't Cross The Streams Collection

*These products were provided for review*

Greetings All!

Today I have more Halloween polish swatches. I love Halloween, it's my favourite time of year, when everywhere is decorated with bats, skulls and spiders. It just makes me happy! Nail polish is something else that makes me happy, so of course Halloween just doesn't get any better than that!

R&R Lacquers have a Halloween collection based around Ghostbusters, and they glow in the dark! Things that glow in the dark also make me happy. I'm a very happy Halloween bunny right now.

Goo is a tribute to Slimer. It glows green in the dark, and has all kinds of green glitter, including squares, circles and hexes. This is two coats over Barry M Gelly in Key Lime.

The small green glitter is the brilliant, hard-working kind that even in low light still gives a rainbow sparkle, and I love the mix of green glitters. Here it is glowing in the dark!

Excellent, strong green glow. I have several glow in dark polishes, and this is definitely a good quality glow. It lasted pretty well too - I didn't do a wear test per se, but I could still notice it glowing about 30 minutes later.

Next up is Stay Puft. White crelly alert! This is two coats over a coat of Essie Waltz (my standard 'nail primer' for white crellies).

I love the colour combination, and the lovely red circles. They are holographic, but they aren't quite as rainbow-y in these pictures because of the white base. The glitter is plentiful and there was no need to fish (in fact quite the opposite on my ring finger!). This polish doesn't glow in the dark by itself, but it does come with a glow in the dark topcoat, in a choice of green or aqua. I have aqua!

I've used two coats here, and I've left it without topcoat. It dries to a very slightly gritty finish, and almost clear. The topcoat itself doesn't look very aqua, in fact I did winder it it was green, but it all became obvious in the dark!

The glow is very bright, and a lovely colour. As well as looking amazing in the dark, it gives an ethereal blue tint in low light that looked really cool! I need little excuse to gaze at my nails, but this definitely left me fascinated by my fingers!

These polishes will be released on Wednesday (October 1st!) in their Etsy store, and keep up date with all things R&R on their Facebook page.


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