Friday, 19 September 2014

UK Indies - TarasTalons Returns! (Halloween Polish Alert!)

*These products were provided for review*

Greetings All!

Exciting news! TarasTalons is reopening, at 00:01 on the 21st of September. Technically Sunday morning, but I will be thinking of it as Saturday night. Three new collections will be released, plus a topcoat collection, and I have swatches of some of the polishes that will be available! Tara has new labels, plus new round mini bottles that match the full sized ones, and they look really good!

I'm also excited because there is a Halloween collection, the Scream collection. A great film, and a great idea to theme polish around. Tara definitely won Halloween last year, so I have high expectations!

Before I get to the swatches, I also have a discount code for you. You can use the code 'BACK50' for the first 24 hours to get an amazing 50% off!

On to the swatches. Of course I have to show you the Halloween polishes first. This is Ghost Face, 2 coats without undies.

White crelly base, loaded with black shards, hexes and circles. As soon as I learned about the Scream collection, I was hoping for something like this. Ghoulish and gorgeous! Perfect coverage, too.

Next, I Told You Not To Hang Up, two coats without undies.

This is my favourite. Just the sort of raspberry shade I can never resist, loaded with all kinds of black glitter, and a sprinkle of holo sparkle. It gives great coverage too, as it's very pigmented, but not too opaque. You could possibly get away with one thick coat.

Next up I have a polish from the Autumn collection. This is Blackberry, again two coats without undies.

A rich, dark purple with magenta glitter and red hexes. It's a perfect Autumn colour. The base is quite opaque, and it has covered up some of the glitter, but there is still plenty peeking out. 

Finally, Party! from the Return Of The Randoms collection. This is two coats over white.

This polish did strange things to my camera! It looks like the base is tinted pink, but it isn't. It's just a predominantly pink mix. There are some hearts and stars in the mix, and I really like the pop of blue. A very cute neon topper.

These, and many more, will all be available at 00:01 on the 21st of September, in 5ml and 10ml bottles, here. You can also see Tara's own swatches (and there are loads) on the TarasTalons  Facebook page. Remember the code 'BACK50' to get 50% off, but only for the first 24 hours!


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