Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Galaxy Nails!

Greetings All!

Every single time I do galaxy nails, I kick myself for not doing them more often. There is never quite as much faffing as I think there will be, and without wanting to sound big-headed, I've never done a bad one. I don't think I've even ever seen a bad galaxy manicure! Obviously some combinations work better than others, but it's practically a fool-proof technique.

These nails are actually pretty similar to the last ones I did, because I really liked the orange and pink in them. Horrifyingly, in my last post I swore I wouldn't leave it 8 months between galaxy manicures, and it's been 7 months! Bad me!

My left hand came out better than my right hand. This isn't that unusual for me - I think with this particular technique, it helps when they're slightly less neat. What is unusual for me is that both hands have nails of a similar length - my left hand is normally shorter because they break more frequently.

I do like my thumb - it's all...swooshy!

I used my ever faithful W7 Black as a base, then OPI Arctic Snow to 'map out' the galaxies. The colours are Barry M Gelly in Mango, OPI Koala Beary, Funky Dunkey, and Austin-tacious Turquoise. AT is my galaxy manicure 'hack', and I use it just about every time. Something about the colour and the sparkle just makes it perfect for that ethereal, outer space look. I added a coat of Butter London Frilly Knickers for a bit (or in this case, quite a lot!) of sparkle, and some stars in white.

I wonder how many months will pass before my next one!


  1. Gorgeous design!

  2. Never seen a bad one? You can't have seen mine lol. I just can't do these. Beautiful mani x


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