Friday, 7 March 2014

For Bubbles

Greetings All.

I've been absent for the last couple of weeks, both from the blog and the nail world in general, and I feel I should explain why. Our oldest cat Bubbles died a week ago, after spending his last week in and out of the vets with breathing problems. It's been a horrible two weeks, and I really haven't felt like doing anything, including blogging. I've even been painting my nails less (which is very unlike me), although I must confess I've been doing quite a bit of polish shopping, in an attempt to make myself feel a bit better.

However in true polish addict style, the first thing I did after he passed away was to paint my nails in memory of him. I can't really do cats justice, so I did bubbles instead.

This is Bubbles, looking a little dishevelled, which is weird because he really enjoyed being groomed!

Bubbles was a soft, fluffy, scaredy cat with a very sweet nature. He was my little Gusty's best friend, and he will be missed.

I will be back to blogging from now on, because basically I have too much exciting stuff not to share!


  1. Lovely mani and beautiful cat. It is so hard to lose a pet, my thoughts are with you xx

  2. Beautiful mani and I am sorry about your cat.


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