Sunday, 16 March 2014

I Finally Figured Out Red Roses On Black

Greetings All!

Yes, more black and red roses. These are ever so slightly different though, I promise! When it comes to stamping, normally the reds I have just don't give me the effect I want over black. I have to do red roses freehand, or cave in ans stamp black over red.  That is, until I noticed a particular stamp that would give me the effect I wanted - red roses, black background.

I started off with OPI The Spy Who Loved Me, a gorgeous red with gold sparkle that I really don't use enough. This should be my go-to red, because it's just beautiful. I then stamped with Konad Black and MoYou Pro XL 07. This plate has two rose images - one that lets you 'stamp the roses', and the other lets you 'stamp the background', if that makes sense. Basically between the two of them you can have any colour combination. Needless to say, the thought of infinite rose manicures makes me very happy! I promise to use them for more than just black and red!


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