Monday, 17 March 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day With Velvet And Studs

Greetings All!

I never really need an excuse to wear green polish, because I love it, but here's a great excuse anyway! In fact I'm so keen on green polish, that I have a post now with some nail art, and then a few suitably festive swatches coming up later (spoiler alert - green and gold!).

I recently bought a few Ciate kits cheap from Fragrance Direct, because I can never resist a bargain - a couple of feather sets, their chalkboard kit, and an emerald collection. This set contains velvet, sequins and caviar beads, and a lovely emerald polish (Ditch The Heels). I decided to bust out the velvet, as I do love velvet nails, but I've only worn them three or four times. Hopefully this isn't a trend that is completely over, because I want more fuzzy nails!

They've come out a little turquoise/teal in these pictures - I actually prefer this colour to the colour they really are, which is emerald green. I was very happy with the kit I used - the velvet comes in a neat little pot, ready to sprinkle on, and it also has a tray and a little brush to help tidy up! It still got everywhere though.

The main problem with these nails is that they just do not last - it hasn't been 24 hours, and most of my nails are balding quite badly. Ah well. I guess I should change my polish then!

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