Friday, 21 March 2014

Polish Me Silly Mermaid Tears (Thermal!)

Greetings All!

Apologies for the lack of posts this week - I was on holiday from work, so I did mean to post. My internet's been very patchy for the last couple of days (well either my internet or my computer, but it'll know I'm talking about it...). In the end I gave up trying!

Today I have yet another thermal polish. Now that the weather is a bit better (and my hands aren't automatically cold all the time!), I'm finding myself reaching for them more often than not. I them. So much!

Today's offering is by Polish Me Silly (formerly Lush Lacquer). Another Rainbow Connection indulgence. It helpfully has a whole thermal section that I like to peruse often (thankfully many are sold out, or I would be in big trouble!). This is 3 thick coats of Mermaid Tears.

This was a little bit of a pain to apply. It was very sheer, and if I'd used thin coats...I might be still polishing it now! It was also a bit goopy and thick, even for a jelly. However all this was forgiven when it began to change colour! It goes from deep teal to bright lime green. It's very sheer when warm, but personally I don't mind that. It also lets the glitters from the first coat peek out.

I'd buy more of these. I did initially find the application a little bit off-putting, but I think it's worth it for the result you get!

You can buy Polish Me Silly at Rainbow Connection, or from their Etsy site.


  1. Oh MAN I love round glitter. I have yet to get my hands on anything with it. Thanks for sharing this swatch! The name is appropriate!

  2. It does remind me of mermaids lol!


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