Friday, 14 March 2014

Stamping With My New PUEEN Plates!

Greetings All!

More stamping plates? Oh yes! About 2 weeks ago I learned about the latest PUEEN set, and immediately ordered them here. They are slightly different from the normal round stamping plates, as the images cover the whole plate, similar to the 'one big picture' plates from MoYou. Since my nails have been growing after their 'Winter break', the number of stamping plates I can easily use is getting smaller and smaller, so I love having plenty of image to work with.

I couldn't wait to use them, so I have a couple of 'tester' manicures to show you. I'm calling them testers because I do need to experiment a bit with getting the placement right (the only downside to larger images. A normal rectangular stamp is generally fairly easy to line up, but you have to be a bit more precise with these ones). Still, I thought I would share them in case anyone is debating whether they need these (spoiler alert: you totally do).

This first manicure uses PUEEN 73, stamped with Revlon Hot For Chocolate over MUA Pistachio Ice Cream.

This particular plate is almost too good - I couldn't decide which bits to use! I still can't decide which bit I like more. This plate will get a lot of use.

Hot For Chocolate isn't the very best polish for stamping, but I really wanted to have pistachio and chocolate together. That's perfectly rational, right?

Next is PUEEN 72, because I appear to be working backwards through them! I stamped with Revlon Vintage over Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth.

Again, my placement isn't 100%, but that's why I need to play around with them first. I love these colours together though.

I'm really happy with these plates - the quality is excellent (like both my other sets), and there's so much variety and potential with them. Prepare to see much more of them on the blog!

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