Wednesday, 26 March 2014

UK Indies - TarasTalons And Pocket Money Polishes Collaborations!

Greetings All!

TarasTalons and Pocket Money Polishes are two of my favourite UK indie brands. Sadly, PMP closed earlier this year, which makes this collaboration extra special, because these are some of the very last PMPs available. Tara, on the other hand, will be celebrating a year of TarasTalons in April (I might have something planned to celebrate the occasion).

Each polish maker has designed one half of each polish duo, and the theme this time is Aladdin. It's one of my favourite Disney films (err...who doesn't want a pet tiger?!), and I bought two of the duos.

The first duo is made up of Three Wishes, a pink polish, and Magic Lamp, a gold holo topper. Below are 2 coats of Three Wishes, and 1 coat of Magic Lamp.

Three Wishes has quite a strong blue shimmer, which just looks silver in these photos. I actually liked it more than I thought I would (shimmer aversion!), and I think it looks lovely paired with the glitter topper (which I don't have much to say about. It's gold, holo, and has circles and stars. Of course I love it!).

The second duo is made up of Aladdin, a Cadbury purple with a soft shimmer, and Arabian Nights, it's glitter topper companion. Below are 3 coats of Aladdin, and 2 of Arabian Nights.

I did find Aladdin to be a little sheer (it was difficult to get it that perfect shade it is in the bottle), but it's still a nice colour. Arabian Nights is pretty awesome - stars and moons! Good colours too - purple and turquoise make a lovely combination!

There are still a couple of these duos left over at The Tara Emporium (specifically, here), where you can also find Tara's polishes, nail care items, jewellery, all sorts! As for Pocket Money Polishes, this is pretty much your last chance to grab one (aside from asking Charlie very nicely about custom orders).

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