Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Greetings All!

I'm sneaking in a late post - I lost an hour's sleep last night with the clocks going forward, and my post work nap went on a little longer than usual!

Today I have some nails for my mum, as it is Mother's Day (here in the UK, at least. I know in the States it's in May, so don't panic!). She does read the blog, so I hope she'll see them!

My mum is very supportive and tolerant of my polish addiction, and she's very well trained, always keeping an eye out for polishes I might want! She even manages (tries) to join in with all the jargon. I think she probably knows more about polish that she ever thought she would. It's a weird little world we've carved out for ourselves as polish addicts, but she's happy to let me live in it, and does come and visit me in it! Today, for example, she even 'helped' my furbabies get a present for their mummy (and yes, it was polish. Gelous, in fact. See? Well trained!).

She's a fan of flowers, and I know she likes pink tulips, so these are for you, mum!

I did think about doing stamping decals, but after last time I just didn't have the confidence. Instead I stamped, then used jelly polishes to fill in the flowers. Good old jellies!

The stamp is from MoYou XL Pro Collection 12, and I've used white, Konad Black, OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y, Y'all Come Back, Ya Hear, and Houston, We Have A Purple, China Glaze Heat Index and Keeping It Teal, and Zoya Frida. I love the effect from the pink jellies! It's been a while since they've been used, and the OPIs especially are just lovely. I need more green jellies though!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


  1. That's gorgeous! I thought they were the OPI tints at first, didn't even realise they did jellies, looks brilliant! :D

  2. Pretty!
    your mum is lucky to have you :)


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