Sunday, 18 May 2014

Getting Reddy With Orly

Greetings All!

Today I have a few swatches of some lovely Orly polishes I recently bought from Fragrance Direct. I do find myself forgetting what I've bought to a certain extent, as I tend to look at a lot of polish, and stuff goes in and out of my cart. When they arrived, I realised I must have had a bit of a red day! I think I chose well though.

First up is Red Flare, two coats and no topcoat.

A lovely deep red with a hint of berry about it. It is a touch darker than in these pictures, and I usually wear bright red, but this is very nice, and super shiny too!

Next, Ruby. Again, two coats and no topcoat.

A classic, vampy, dried blood kind of colour. Not unique, probably not even in my collection, but still gorgeous. Again, it's super shiny.

Finally, Star Spangled. This is also two coats, but I did use topcoat here.

A juicy red jelly with a fine red sparkle. It isn't full-on blingy glitter, it's sparkle is a bit more subtle, but it's pretty mesmerising. When you tilt your fingers, it looks like the glitter is moving inside liquid nails!

I haven't used Orly much, but after these three I'm hooked! I was impressed with the formula, the dry time, and how shiny the cremes were. I also like the massive 18ml bottle size, and the rubbery grip! I'm pretty clumsy, and I have been known to resort to opening polish bottles with my teeth if they get stuck, so it's nice that I shouldn't have to do that with these! Did I mention that Fragrance Direct have them for the bargain price of £2.99? I might have to invest in a few more...

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