Wednesday, 28 May 2014

One Heck Of A TarasTalons Swatch Post!

Greetings All!

Unless you're new around here (if you are, hello!), you'll know that occasionally TarasTalons has the odd polish I like. Hehe, that's a little bit of an understatement. I have more TarasTalons than any other brand of polish! Today I have an epic nine swatches to share with you. I did originally plan to space these out, but I already have more on the way, so swatch spam it is. Tara has a massively broad range of polishes, so none of these are even vaguely similar, and I think a big swatch post like this really shows off her variety!

That's not all though. I have a discount code, dear readers, so you can get 15% off on both Tara's website and Etsy store! Just use the code SpecialGirlNails. And don't say I never do anything for you!

I'd better launch straight into the pictures.

First up, I have the latest glitter shape - triangles! I initially found it hard to believe that the humble triangle wasn't an established shape in glitter, but when I thought about it, I honestly haven't seen it before.

This is Bunting And Banners, 2 coats over Sally Hansen The Sky's The Limit.

Yes, I do now believe I haven't had triangles on my nails before! I've had mouse heads, and skull and crossbones, but never triangles. Bizarre.

#Party. This is one amazing coat over black.

Gold holo glitter, white's like a party in a bottle. Very well named then!

Cupcakes & Cocktails (my nails are very good at hiding the labels), 2 coats over Barry M Sugar Apple.

Teeny tiny bits of neon glitter. I chose a pastel green because in the bottle this glitter looks quite delicate and pastel-y. I try to make the effort not to just put everything over black! But that's what I want to do.

Shu'up! 2 coats.

I was originally put off by the TOWIE reference (being from Essex, I would like it said that they do not speak for me. On anything.), but this is a beautiful polish. The silvery/blue glitter makes it look fizzy! Which I literally just realised is a feature not many polishes have. And it's awesome!

Tarquin's Torment, 2 coats.

This is a bit of a weird one. It's a juxtaposition of soft and delicate, and angular and pointy! It's grown on me though.

Superstar, 3 coats.

I can't resist a gold polish! Plus I don't have anything else quite this shade.

Out Of This World, 2 coats over black. I've noticed I always seem to wear black jellies over a solid black base - one day I really must try one without!

How brilliant is that little dot of rainbow?! I still go crazy for circle glitter, and that is why. Sorry, I got distracted. This polish is a lovely little bottle of outer space. Another perfectly named polish!

Hillary, one coat over Barry M Kiwi.

This is actually a gold holographic glitter, but my camera doesn't seem to have noticed that! In real life it's lovely and colouful.

Finally, Party Bag, 3 coats.

I love these colours together, and the glitter looks so good built up in layers - it has a very mosaic feel to it.

If you've made it to the end, well done! I find it's just best to look at the pictures, and ignore me waffling on! I still have the Dexter polishes from my Theme My Talons box, but they're going to get their own post.

Remember, you can use the code SpecialGirlNails and get 15% off at and Etsy! UK only, I'm afraid.

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  1. Epic post Cazzy! I think I might have to order Tarquin's Torment - I love black and white and this is so original!


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