Saturday, 31 May 2014

Seventeen Off The Wall Metal Nail Effects - Gold

Greetings All!

I was wandering around Boots a couple of weeks ago, doing my classic 'I'm not buying, I'm just browsing' bit that never works, when I spotted just one of the many types of polish I can never resist - black and white glitter. I've lost count of all the various versions I own, but this one is absolutely justified, because it also has gold shards. I had no chance!

So this is SOTWMNE (it's not the catchiest name) in Gold, two coats over Sally Hansen Insta Dri in S-teal a Base.

I was very impressed with this polish. I don't want to sound mean, but sometimes when high street brands attempt these more indie-looking polishes, they're a bit rubbish. This is lovely! It's got quite a nice mix of sizes, I got away with minimum dabbing, and I'm fairly sure that this is unique in my collection. It did need a couple of layers of topcoat, but that's shards!

You can buy this in Boots for £3.99. Well worth it, I think!

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  1. This is lovely! I picked this up a couple of months ago - I'm a sucker for anything that looks like a graffiti polish, I just can't resist them. It's particularly lovely over this colour and I bet it'd be fab as an accent nail too. Gorgeous!


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