Monday, 12 May 2014

WAMM - With Nail Lacquer UK

Greetings All!

Has it really been a week?! Oops! My excuse this time (I'm great with the excuses) is that I've been organising polish. Nearly everything is now neatly stored away and easily accessible, and there are actually surfaces that don't have polish on them. I might take a few pictures, so you can see inside the madness! I even counted all my polishes. I've always refrained from doing this - I knew the number would make me feel a bit sick! Loving polish is all well and good, but putting a real number on my addiction shames me. Of course, the longer I leave it, the bigger the number is going to get. Even now I have more on the way to add to the total. The magic number, if you are interested, is 1,639 bottles of polish. That sounds like quite a lot. And yet I still never have the exact shade I want!

For this week's Work Appropriate Manicure Monday, I have a lovely glitter from Nail Lacquer UK. AJ has sadly retired from selling polish, but she still does absolutely perfect nail art on her blog, and I do have plenty of her polishes to keep me entertained. This one is Can't Stop The Glitter.

Delicate white with bright pops of colour made this polish perfect for a glitter sandwich! I used a Color Club, I've no idea what the name is (I bought it in a set, and even if I found swatches, the differences between them are so subtle, I'd have no chance!), but it's a nice peachy pink crelly. This is one coat of glitter, with one coat of the CC underneath and two on top.


  1. This is lovely and OMG I have about 1/10th of what you have haha I am always wanting to buy more I'm a little jealous defo take pics will give me ideas of what to do when I get that many :)

  2. Wow! I showed this to my OH as he thought I had a lot (my collection doesn't even come close!). I'm impressed.
    Love Nail Lacquer UK. It's one of my favourite indies x


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