Saturday, 3 May 2014

Springish Stamping

Greetings All!

Now that Spring has (mostly) arrived, I've had the occasional craving for pastels and florals and pretty things on my nails. Pastel yellow is just about the only shade of yellow I can cope with, so I started with that as a base, then just added to it. That's how most of my manicures evolve!

My base is Sally Hansen Buttercup, I then added some Models Own Grape Juice with some cling film. It looked quite grey and washed out, so I stamped with Revlon Vintage and one of the new PUEEN plates. I'm not sure which one, because all my nail stuff is a bit disorganised at the moment. I recently had to invest in a third Helmer because polish was completely taking over my room! Now my polish is very well organised but all my other nail 'bits' are in the process of being organised. I own too much stuff! (Not polish, just other stuff. Let's make that clear!)

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