Monday, 5 May 2014


Greetings All!

Work Appropriate Manicure Monday has not disappeared, I have not quit the only series I've managed to maintain for more than a couple of weeks! I do have plenty of work manicures stashed away, I just keep 'missing my slot'. After all, I'm not going to post WAMM on any other day. Otherwise it would be WAMT, or something.

Today I have some simple stamping. I've become quite the fan of stamping brown on nude, and I've also found brown polishes to be quite good to stamp with. They aren't always perfectly opaque, but if you go a few shades darker than the effect you want, they do work quite well!

I've been giving Don't Pretzel My Buttons a bit of a rest, so this is Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Bandage, stamped with No7 Beanie, and one of the new PUEEN plates (no, I still haven't tidied up properly!). They don't look so subtle up this close, but from a 'normal' distance you can barely even notice the stamping.

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