Friday, 16 May 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer - French Quarter (thermal)

Greetings All!

Another thermal polish swatch. It seems that as long as they keep making them, I'm happy to keep buying them! French Quarter is a lovely rich purple when cold, and a sheer blue when warm, with a gold shimmer. I was worried that my camera would pick it up as blue, as it does that with purples and this one does have a bluish tinge, but it looks fairly purple to me here. This is two coats.

It is very sheer when warm, but I don't really mind a bit of vnl. The gold sparkle is beautiful, and it has a lovely transition. I bought this and 24 Karat Rose, which I thought I would prefer, but of the two I think this one is far nicer!

I bought this polish at Rainbow Connection.

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