Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Theme My Talons With TarasTalons - Dexter

Greetings All!

It seems TarasTalons has so many ways of bringing you polish lately! As well as collections being released regularly, you can subscribe to various monthly polish treats, such as glitter toppers, holo polishes (guilty!), Tara's Treasure Troves and the excellent idea I'm showing you today, Theme My Talons. This is available as a subscription or a one off treat, with polish and nail art items all based around a theme, in this case the TV show Dexter. I was kind of a fan of the show - Dexter himself really annoyed me, with his pretentious monologues and the fact that's he's just a terrible person (and I'm not even talking about the serial killing!), but I did like some of the other characters, and the show was quite well written (until the ending). I used to watch it each week, so I must have enjoyed it on some level.

It's the polishes themselves that really grabbed me. Three out of the four were 'must haves', and Tara has a great knack for choosing all the nail art items that come with it. It's a lovely little set. I haven't got round to swatching them yet, but I thought I would show you all my cool goodies! There are swatches of the polishes on the Etsy listing, and I will have swatches soon!

I'll start with the polishes

The two full size polishes, Miami Beach (which is seriously gorgeous, blue with gold glitters) and Splatter (red jelly, not orange as it looks here, with red glitters). I really wish I could resist the urge to say that it should be 'spatter' if it's blood, but my brain will not let me.

Trophy Case (nude with red and silver glitter, and going on my nails tonight!) and The Code Of Harry (a soft, subtle grey holo). Trophy Case especially was just irresistible to me.

Here is my lovely box of nail art goodies. WARNING: nail nudity!

Various tag lines from the show - a lovely touch!

Knife and blood transfers. I'm going to try and save these for October!

Little test tubes (again, such a nice touch!) with red glitter and red diamantes, for those blinged up bloody nails!

Fake blood capsules!

These are some little extra bits, they aren't part of the theme, but they're brilliant. Silver striping tape (which I actually needed! I only have silver holo), some AB diamantes (which I've always avoided, but look so pretty), and a bag of assorted fimo slices (I rarely wear these, but I buy them all the time because I cannot resist the cuteness of them!). Also not pictured - cuticle remover and hand cream!

I think these themed boxes are a brilliant idea, and I especially love that you can just opt in for the ones you want. You can buy this box on Etsy or on Tara's website, where you can also subscribe to this and other boxes. I'm already excited to see what the next theme will be!

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