Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Bit More Me

Greetings All!

After yesterday's very girly manicure, I wanted something a bit...well, less girly! I've never been a girly girl, so I had to scrub away the pastels and butterflies with some black, to feel more like myself again.

I've been wanting to use this particular stamping image for a while, in fact I think this image is why I bought this particular plate. I think I hurt it's feelings by not using it sooner though, because it would not play nice!

I've mentioned before that my MoYou London plates are a lot more deeply etched than other brands I own. Cleaning them after use usually involves cotton pads being torn to shreds! So I have a pretty thick layer of Konad Black here, which smudged a little, and even cracked in a couple of places. On more than one occasion, I couldn't even get the whole image to lift. Not a very nice stamp at all. Plus, so much cleanup. So much Konad Black on my skin. Nightmare!

Apart from that little blip, loved these! MoYou London Princess XL plate 13, over No7 So Simple, and finished with TarasTalons Gloss Off, to take a bit of the shine away. I was tempted to fill in the zips with silver, but I didn't have the patience in the end!

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  1. I have a similar image to this one, don't think I have used it either. This looks great :)


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