Monday, 30 June 2014

UK Indies - TarasTalons Neons

Greetings All!

Neon alert! I always claim to not really like neon polishes, because I often found them to be too bright, but gradually through things like neon glitter I've come to accept that they have their place. I still probably wouldn't wear a plain neon polish, but I hardly ever wear plain polish anyway.

These three polishes from TarasTalons are anything but plain! This is my favourite of the bunch, Poison Apple. Three coats over white.

Super bright lime green jelly, suspending black shards brilliantly (check out the layering!), and added pink circle fun. The base colour is a bit brighter than I would normally wear, but those black shards...they make it a winner for me!

Next is Jazz. I couldn't capture just how bright this yellow is. It's literally highlighter yellow. It's the brightest thing that's ever been on my nails. Two coats over white.

What I really like about this polish (apart form the fact that I could constantly see them out of the corner of my eye!) is that the purple glitter gives it a slightly murky look, but at the same time it's insanely bright. It's an unusual combination, and this is a very unique addition to my collection!

Last up is Light Nights. Again this was highlighter bright in real life! Three coats over white.

The bright blue glitter goes really well with the pink, and I love how the lower layers are tinted purple. I'm definitely becoming a neon convert. As with most things, adding glitter was the answer!

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