Wednesday, 18 June 2014

UK Indies: R&R Lacquers - Assemble! Swatches

*These products were provided  for review*

Greetings All!

Today I have swatches of two polishes from R&R Lacquers, from the second part of their Assemble! collection, themed around The Avengers. I must confess, I'm very behind on my UK indie polishes at the moment. I've got several brands lined up to show you - I might have to have a whole week of UK indies!

First up is Ultimate Fury. I have some helpful information about the names, as I'm not overly familiar with  superheroes *hides*.

"Ultimate Fury - named for the first version of Nick Fury to be depicted by Samuel L. Jackson".

It's a clear glitter topper with tiny matte blue glitter, white squares, holo sparkle and black dots.  I've used two coats here over Barry M Yellow, stamped with Konad Red and an image from the Cheeky Musical Nails plate.

 I couldn't resist pairing circles and zigzags. The black dots were a little bit stealthy - what looked like two or three on the brush could turn out to be a lot more! That's not really a complaint though, because what's not to like about black circles?! The teeny blue glitters are also very cute, and a pinch of holo makes it all a great combination.

Next is Odinson, "named for the gorgeous God of Thunder, Thor". Again, the description was helpful, and saved me Googling. I'm so going to get thrown off the internet for not knowing this stuff! Here I've used two coats over Barry M Grey.

You could probably get full coverage with three coats, but I decided to use a base colour to keep this lovely gunmetal glitter nice and dark. It has a lovely sparkle to it, and I really like the red glitter too!

You can buy R&R Lacquers here, and you can also find them on Facebook for all the latest news. While you're clicking on things, you should also check out Rachel and Rebecca's blogs!

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